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Real-time results and alerts

Get peace of mind with real-time results. We’ll notify you and your team the moment a survey hits your CareQuality dashboard, allowing you to catch and resolve new issues before they start trending.

Real time alerts

Satisfaction trend analysis

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Never miss a beat again. Our customizable reporting gives you the ability to identify trends, pinpoint areas of focus, and track your performance over time

You can filter your feedback by question (e.g. ‘Likely to Recommend’), care type, etc., providing you with exactly the information you need to continuously improve the experiences you provide.

Tour performance reporting

In this industry, accountability is a must. Our team and individual reporting helps you identify your superstars and determine who might need more training or guidance.

You can also use this data to create an incentive structure - the kind that will boost motivation and morale within your team.

Team reporting

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Reduce staff turnover, stop controllable move-outs, and convert more tours by taking action on context-rich feedback and maximizing the quality of the experiences you provide

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