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Experience Management

High-tech meets high-touch

Follow each individual resident along their journey - from tour to discharge. Engage them with a live call journalistic-style survey experience that provides a more personalized and proactive approach to feedback versus an annual or semi-annual paper or digital-only survey.

On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the Quality of Care?
I'd give that a 3.
And what improvements would you need to see in order to rate it a 4 or 5?
They need to do a better job with med management.
Medication management, got it. What about medication management do you think could improve?
They are often late in giving mom her morning meds, sometimes it’s after lunch.
I understand. What are the implications of late medications for your mom?
They ran out of medication a few times and the pharmacy they use isn’t a 24/7 pharmacy so we couldn't even get mom her meds. Her medication is critical for her heart health so med management is a big concern for us.

Reputation Management

Senior care reviews are more important than ever

Monitor all of your review sites in one platform with review alerts, build loyalty by easily responding in a timely manner, promote your reviews to build trust with prospective families with SAVANT’s suite of marketing tools.

Intelligent Insights

Easily Identify Trends and Take Action

Forget about sorting through hundreds and thousands of surveys and web reviews to understand your community's strengths and areas of improvement. SAVANT AI does the heavy lifting for you and delivers actionable insights to help your frontline staff provide the best care and resident experience possible.

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Experience Management

Maximize the experiences you deliver by monitoring and taking action on context-rich feedback, all in real-time.

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